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Onegold is a reputable company in the precious metals industry with over 25 years of experience. They have established themselves by fostering long-term relationships with clients and providing customized solutions tailored to meet individual customer needs.

In addition to their business endeavors, Onegold is dedicated to social responsibility and giving back to society, particularly to those who are less fortunate. They prioritize creating a comfortable and secure environment for their customers, ensuring that they feel confident in their business transactions.

Onegold proudly adheres to ethical guidelines and standards that meet or exceed industry expectations. This commitment reflects their dedication to conducting business in an ethical and responsible manner.

Onegold primarily deals in precious metals, offering a range of products to their customers. These may include gold, silver, and other valuable metals commonly traded in the industry.

The owner of Onegold is Ken Lewis, who has likely played a significant role in the company’s growth and success over the years.

With a rating of 4.5 out of 5, Onegold has demonstrated their ability to satisfy customers and meet their expectations. This positive rating suggests that customers have been pleased with their products, services, and overall experience with the company.

It’s important to note that specific details regarding Onegold’s product offerings, customer service, and additional information about the company are not provided in the given information. Further research or contacting Onegold directly would provide a more comprehensive understanding of their offerings and operations.

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  • They have received over 1,000 5-star ratings online
  • They safeguard over $1 billion in retirement savings
  • They have earned an AAA customer rating
  • They have an A+ rating with BBB
  • They have won Inc 500 award 5 times
  • They were named the 2021 company of the year.

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Onegold Services

Onegold offers a wide range of investment-grade gold coins, bars, and silver products from mints worldwide. They provide options in bullion, numismatics, and proof coins, catering to various customer preferences. With their extensive experience in the industry, Onegold aims to establish long-term relationships with clients by offering competitive pricing and comprehensive customer service.

The company maintains a robust inventory of products and continually expands its offerings to meet market demands. They stay updated with security trends in the gold market while prioritizing customer needs and requirements. Onegold provides personalized services, helping customers incorporate gold into their financial plans to enhance its long-term value.

Storage and insurance are essential aspects of Onegold’s offerings. With over 60 years of experience, they ensure that their gold bars are crafted with utmost care and expertise, safeguarding clients’ assets during times of market volatility. Onegold constantly improves its storage systems to protect precious metals from theft or loss and offers insurance coverage for all products sold.

Onegold is renowned for its knowledgeable representatives and consultants who assist clients throughout the buying and selling process. They provide excellent customer service and expert guidance, enabling customers to make informed decisions. The company’s experts help clients explore various investment opportunities involving gold. With their expertise and support, Onegold offers comprehensive solutions, products, and services tailored to clients’ gold-related needs.

Education is a core focus for Onegold. They strive to educate the public about the importance of including gold in financial planning and the benefits of adding it to investment portfolios. Workshops, publications, software programs, CDs, and DVDs are some of the educational resources they provide to facilitate better understanding of gold beyond its investment value.

Support services are an integral part of Onegold’s customer-centric approach. They offer easy access to information, conduct in-person and online seminars, and provide a range of products and services to ensure client satisfaction. Onegold also offers storage options and custom storage solutions, ensuring clients’ products are securely stored and readily accessible when needed.

Research services are a priority for Onegold. They provide clients with an informative website featuring articles, references, and links to valuable information. Additionally, their team of qualified professionals leverages their extensive knowledge of gold markets and precious metals history to help clients make informed investment decisions.

Onegold’s marketing strategy focuses on competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and providing multiple options and solutions to clients. They have successfully built a global network of clients, including commercial and institutional investors, high-net-worth individuals, families, and seniors. Onegold continually strives to achieve new goals through effective marketing campaigns and promotions.

Consultants and experts at Onegold play a crucial role in assisting clients with their precious metal transactions. They offer expertise in buying and selling precious metals and work diligently to help clients achieve their financial goals. Onegold’s professionals provide education, guidance, and support in various areas, including financing, real estate, and retirement planning.

Accounting services are available through Onegold’s membership with the American Numismatic Association. They offer rare coin appraisals and accounting assistance to clients, aiding them in keeping track of their inventory securely.

Security is a top priority for Onegold. They have implemented a state-of-the-art security system utilizing the latest technology to track products and provide 24/7 customer support through multiple channels. This ensures clients’ confidence in the safety of their stored products.

Asset Appreciation: Onegold emphasizes that gold is an investment with the potential for appreciation over time. They educate customers about the historical value of gold and how it can be incorporated into their financial plans. By providing information and resources, Onegold aims to familiarize customers with the benefits and opportunities of investing in this precious metal.

Personalized Service: Onegold offers customized services tailored to each client’s needs and interests. They assist customers in selecting the best products for their individual requirements, without limitations based on price ranges. Onegold provides personal one-on-one assistance to ensure client satisfaction and success.

Dedication to Gold: Onegold firmly believes that gold should be a part of every financial plan. They educate clients about the significance of gold in financial planning and provide extensive information on its advantages. By equipping clients with knowledge, Onegold empowers them to make informed decisions in their best interest.

Secure Storage: Onegold prioritizes the safe and secure storage of precious metals for its customers. They offer high levels of safety and security, eliminating concerns about entrusting their assets to others. Onegold takes every precaution to ensure the reliability and integrity of their storage facilities, providing clients with peace of mind.

Great Prices: Onegold positions itself as a specialty dealership that offers competitive prices compared to other brands in the precious metals industry. They are recognized for their affordability and have reduced the price of precious metals by focusing on minimizing overhead costs. Onegold follows a no-haggle policy, ensuring fair and transparent pricing for their customers.

Accessible: Onegold is committed to ensuring accessibility for all customers. They can be reached through various channels, including the internet, phone, and mail. Onegold dedicates exceptional attention and care to its clients, supporting their success and providing a seamless customer experience.

International: Onegold serves customers from around the world, targeting diverse markets such as commercial and institutional investors, high-net-worth individuals, families, and seniors. The company continually strives to achieve new goals through effective marketing campaigns and promotions, expanding its reach and customer base globally.



1. New Opportunities: Onegold provides a range of investment options and constantly introduces new opportunities for clients to invest in gold, offering diverse precious metal products.

2. Community Support: Onegold is committed to giving back to the community through sponsorships, donations, and support for charitable organizations and businesses worldwide.

3. Plenty of Options: Onegold offers a wide selection of coins and bars, allowing clients to choose products that align with their financial plans and charitable goals.

4. Delivery: Onegold ensures secure and prompt delivery of products, prioritizing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

5. Friendly Customer Service: Onegold is known for excellent customer service, making clients feel welcome, supported, and satisfied with their transactions.

6. Many Payment Options: Onegold accepts various payment methods, including credit cards and cash, providing convenience and flexibility for customers.

7. Packaging: Onegold takes care to package products securely, ensuring that clients receive their items in excellent condition.

8. Product Quality: Onegold guarantees high-quality products by subjecting them to testing and grading by expert assayers.

9. Promotions: Onegold actively promotes its products and services, offering unique shopping experiences and tailored opportunities for customers.

10. Self-Service Tools: Onegold provides user-friendly self-service tools for purchasing gold, designed to simplify the process for customers. Expert assistance is also available online 24/7.


1. No Degreed Professionals: Onegold lacks degreed professionals, relying on customer service representatives to address inquiries. However, this is a common practice in many industries.

2. Limited Choices: Some customers may perceive Onegold’s product and service offerings as limited compared to their preferences or expectations. However, this limitation is common in the industry due to constraints on available options.

3. Average Customer Service: While Onegold’s customer service is satisfactory, it may not be the best in the industry and could have longer wait times compared to certain competitors.

4. Competitors: Onegold faces competition from other companies that may offer more appealing benefits or advantages, potentially making it challenging for Onegold to stand out.

5. Cost of Products: Onegold’s pricing may be higher compared to other companies in the industry, which could lead some customers to seek alternative options. However, customers may believe that the higher cost reflects the superior quality of Onegold’s products.

6. Lack of Investment Plans: Onegold does not offer specific investment plans to facilitate saving for purchases, potentially making it more challenging for customers to save effectively.


While Onegold is a reputable company with a long-standing presence in the precious metals industry, it may not be the top choice for everyone. The company offers a range of products, personalized service, secure storage, and educational resources. They are also dedicated to community support and have a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. Onegold does not have degreed professionals on staff, and their customer service may be average compared to some competitors. The company’s product choices may also be perceived as limited, and the cost of their products is higher than some other companies in the industry. Additionally, the lack of investment plans and the perceived difficulty in saving for purchases could be a disadvantage for some customers.

Ultimately, it is essential for individuals to carefully evaluate their specific needs and preferences when considering Onegold or any other company in the precious metals industry. Exploring different options, comparing prices, and assessing the level of service and benefits offered by different providers can help make an informed decision.


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