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When considering an investment opportunity, it is important to explore options such as rare coins and precious metals. Unlike stocks and cryptocurrencies that are subject to market fluctuations, the value of metals and coins tends to appreciate over time.

The art of numismatic investment has been recognized as a profitable endeavor for centuries, dating back to the very invention of currency itself. Even historical figures like Caesar, the Roman emperor and founder of the Roman Principate, may have dabbled in the trade of rare coins during ancient times.

As the industry continues to expand, potential traders may have reservations about purchasing valuable items from smaller businesses. It is common for small businesses to have limited inventory due to capital constraints, and they may not always provide readily available information about their company or products.

As a smart investor, you understand the importance of diligent research. It is crucial to gather all the necessary information before deciding whom to trust with your rare coin purchase. Finding the right partnership can greatly influence the level of success you achieve in this lucrative venture.

Key Features:
– Product offerings include mint products, rare coins, bullion, and investment advice.
– Owned by Matt LePosa.
– Rating: 3.5/5.

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About Elite Numismatics

According to website hyperlinks found on various sites, there are indications that Elite Numismatics, which is listed as “permanently closed,” may have undergone a rebranding and now operates under the name Elite Rare Coins. Elite Rare Coins specializes in dealing with rare coins and bullion, offering services such as appraisals, collection purchases, and individual sales.

Elite Rare Coins proudly states that it is an authorized seller of Germania Mint and has accumulated over 30 years of experience in the industry. Based in Warren, Ohio, the company encourages local customers to meet in person, but is also willing to travel when necessary. They claim to have a wide network of contacts across the nation and highlight their membership in esteemed organizations such as the American Numismatic Association and the Round Table Trading Group.

While there may be some discrepancies between the information provided for the “two” companies, such as Elite Numismatics being associated with Hauppage, New York, further investigation suggests that these two entities are actually the same. It is possible that Elite Numismatics never truly conducted business before undergoing this rebranding process.


Elite Rare Coins provides immediate investment options through physical items and also offers advisory services for future investment planning.

One notable investment opportunity is presented by Germania Mint, which is known for its lucrative and legitimate products. The history of Germania Mint dates back to 1986 when it started as a small numismatics storefront in Poland. Over time, the company shifted its focus to producing its own unique brand. Today, Germania Mint primarily sells its products through authorized and verified retailers, including Elite Rare Coins.

While Germania Mint still offers coins and accessories for collectors, their main attraction lies in their assortment of silver cast bars. These bars come in various sizes and offer value both as precious metal assets and unique collectibles.

Additionally, Germania Mint offers smaller bullion amounts in the form of collectible coins with different designs, available in silver and yellow gold. In a time when only a limited amount of money is backed by precious metals, these coins provide a reliable way to ensure the preservation of your net worth.

Elite Rare Coins specializes in various types of bullion, which refers to precious metals valued by weight rather than specific coin denominations. Their bullion offerings include gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and even copper.

In addition to bullion, Elite Rare Coins also deals in rare coins. While their website and Facebook page showcase some samples of these rare coins, they do not list prices online. This is because all trading is conducted in person by the team at Elite Rare Coins. Each rare coin is elegantly displayed in collector cases, featuring details such as the year of production, coin weight, and other important information. The cases also include barcodes to facilitate smoother trading transactions.

Elite Rare Coins claims to provide appraisal services based on their extensive experience in the field of numismatics. To request an appraisal, prospective clients are encouraged to contact them via phone or submit an online message. Although limited information is available about these appraisal services on their website, Elite Rare Coins is equipped to offer professional evaluations of numismatic items.


Elite Rare Coins operates exclusively through in-person transactions, eliminating the need for delivery services. They take great care in properly storing each traded item to ensure its value is preserved.

In terms of resources for investors, Elite Rare Coins leverages its extensive network of contacts throughout the United States and worldwide. These connections are established through their memberships in various numismatic organizations and active participation in trading events. With a wealth of knowledge and a wide network, Elite Rare Coins can provide valuable resources to investors.

Even for novice numismatists, the act of networking itself can prove advantageous. Building connections within the numismatic community can offer valuable insights and opportunities. Therefore, it is important not to underestimate the value of networking as a valuable resource in the world of numismatics.


An internet search for Elite Numismatics reveals limited results, including an inactive Twitter account and a Facebook page with outdated posts. Additionally, there are profiles on some numismatic websites that mention Elite Rare Coins alongside Elite Numismatics. The presence of these discrepancies raises questions about the intention behind the use of both names and whether it was intended to mislead clients.

However, it is plausible that Mr. LePosa decided to rebrand the company and change the name and website as a means to start fresh. This could explain the transition from Elite Numismatics to Elite Rare Coins.

Pros & Cons of Elite Numismatics


  • Elite Rare Coins demonstrates active involvement in the numismatic community and maintains a strong social media presence.
  • Being one of the authorized U.S. retailers for Germania Mint adds credibility to their offerings.
  • The willingness of Matt LePosa to travel for business shows a commitment to serving clients.


  • There is a lack of available online reviews specifically for Elite Numismatics/Elite Rare Coins, making it difficult to gauge customer experiences.
  • Business transactions are limited to in-person interactions, which may pose challenges for those who prefer online or remote purchasing.
  • The presence of disconnects between the company names raises concerns and may cause confusion for potential clients.

In summary, while Elite Rare Coins (formerly Elite Numismatics) presents itself as a reputable business, it is important for investors to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging in any significant financial transactions.


Overall, based on the available information, Elite Rare Coins receives a rating of three and a half out of five stars. The company’s commitment to in-person operations and affiliation with legitimate numismatic organizations adds to its credibility. However, the limited information and reviews available, as well as the lack of acknowledgement of the previous business name, raise some concerns and suggest the need for further verification of authenticity before engaging in transactions with Elite Rare Coins. It is advisable to conduct additional research and due diligence to ensure a secure and satisfactory investment experience.

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