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If the volatile nature of the financial markets has left you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain, it may be time to reconsider your investment strategies. In search of a historically reliable option, look no further than precious metals.

Gold, silver, and platinum have held a significant place in societies throughout history. It all began when an ancient child discovered a shiny rock in a creek, marking humanity’s first encounter with gold. This statement holds true, as evidenced by references to these metals in ancient texts such as the Book of Genesis, Homer’s classics like The Iliad and The Odyssey, and the Code of Menes, which established the value ratio between gold and silver during Egypt’s first dynasty in 3100 B.C.

The enduring value of precious metals as an investment cannot be overstated. They have stood the test of time, offering a reliable avenue for accumulating wealth. If you’re seeking stability and a way to secure your financial future, exploring the potential of investing in precious metals is a wise decision.

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Are You A New Precious Metals Investor ?


Throughout history, precious metals have served as the foundation for monetary systems. Their malleability and versatility have allowed them to be transformed into various forms, including jewelry, coins, bars, and even art.

In the present day, precious metals, particularly silver and gold, have gained even more significance. They not only back currencies but also act as a hedge against inflation and offer a secure investment option that remains unaffected by stock market crises.

If you are someone who prefers to avoid risks, you are making a wise choice. Selecting the right company to entrust your assets with is a crucial decision. At CBMint, you can rest assured that you will feel comfortable once you become acquainted with our highly qualified staff and learn about their impressive experience and credentials.

Whether you need assistance in choosing from our constantly updated selection of metals or have concerns about sustainability, CBMint is committed to addressing both. We prioritize sustainability and environmental consciousness, and our clients trust us for our sound advice and recommendations.

Moreover, it is essential to note that CBMint is not involved in any fraudulent activities. To prove our authenticity, we encourage potential clients to thoroughly examine our business operations and read testimonials that provide honest and unbiased insights. We are confident that you will be impressed with what you discover.

Customer Ratings

In today’s age of social media, investors are not hesitant to express their true opinions. At CBMint, they embrace all types of reviews, whether they are positive, negative, or somewhere in between. We understand the importance of having a complete picture before making an investment decision.

Once you become a client, they encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences as well. Here are some testimonials from their valued customers:

  • A satisfied investor from New Mexico commends our patient and thorough staff, applauds our prompt delivery time, and plans to continue doing business with us, rating our company as A+.
  • A patron from Wisconsin found our website user-friendly and our prices lower than those offered by other coin dealers. They express complete satisfaction and would recommend us to anyone.
  • A pleased investor from Texas appreciates our fast service, mentioning that the package arrived earlier than expected.
  • A client from California asserts that they received their money’s worth and had a positive experience.
  • An enthusiastic investor from Minnesota shares their delight, receiving their ordered coin at their doorstep just three days after placing the order, and they are impressed with its quality.
  • An Arizona collector expresses no complaints, stating that everything was as described, and the coin was shipped quickly.
  • A content collector from California acknowledges the accurate description of the item received, and they are eager to do business with us again.

A Trusted Brand

Investing in precious metals with a seasoned and reliable entity is of utmost importance, and at CBMint, they understand and prioritize the trust their clients place in them. Here are some key points about their approach:

1. Authenticity and Reputation: They value their reputation and take extensive measures to ensure the authenticity of the products they offer. They have established strong relationships with reputable refiners, distributors, and mints. Products sourced from overseas go through authorized US-based distributors, providing multiple checks and balances before entering their product stream.

2. Education and Transparency: They believe in educating investors without being condescending. Their Precious Metals Investing Guide is considered an industry standard, offering valuable information to help investors make informed decisions.

3. Expert Guidance: Their team consists of highly trained experts who prioritize the best interests of their clients. They provide access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise to assist investors in exploring the precious metals investment option.

4. Displaying Generic Images: While some ordinary mints may use specific bullion images to entice buyers, at CBMint, they take extra precautions by displaying generic images. This is because private mints often produce bullion rounds and bars with slight variations that validate their authenticity.

5. Metal Purity Guarantee: They stand behind their metal purity guarantee, ensuring that the products they offer meet the highest quality standards. While bullion coins from government mints often feature dates, bars do not, providing investors with a range of choices to suit their preferences.

At CBMint, they prioritize authenticity, transparency, education, and the best interests of their clients. They aim to provide a reliable and informed investment experience in the precious metals market.

Secure Storage

Operating from their expansive headquarters in Plano, Texas, CBMint is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) led by Mr. Sante Santhanam Chary, Owner/Senior Member, who established the corporation almost a decade ago.

CBMint maintains storage and delivery protocols that adhere to the highest industry standards. As a full member of the American Numismatic Association, they demonstrate their commitment to being a premier online precious metal retailer with a strong focus on impeccable customer service. Their goals encompass the following:

1. Low Bullion Prices: They strive to offer competitive prices on bullion products.
2. Direct Acquisition: CBMint directly acquires precious metals from trusted manufacturers, ensuring authenticity and quality.
3. Dedication to Authenticity: CBMint places great emphasis on providing genuine and authentic precious metal products.
4. Simple Buying Process: They aim to provide a straightforward and understandable buying process for their customers.
5. Myriad Payment Options: CBMint offers a variety of payment options to cater to diverse customer preferences.
6. Secure Checkout Processes: They employ secure checkout processes to safeguard customer information.
7. Seamless Customer Service: CBMint is dedicated to delivering seamless customer service experiences.
8. Free Shipping and Insurance: Every order placed with CBMint includes free shipping and insurance.
9. Security Measures: They utilize the latest encryption technology and privacy measures to ensure the security of customer data.

With only four customer complaints received by the Better Business Bureau over the years, CBMint has earned the BBB’s coveted A+ rating, a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction and service quality.

Pros & Cons of CB Mint


Pros of CB Mint:
1. Product Variety: CBMint offers a wide range of enticing products for investors to choose from.
2. Credibility: The A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau provides validation of CBMint’s credibility and commitment to customer satisfaction.
3. Payment Options: Investors have the flexibility to use various payment methods to secure their desired products.
4. Free Shipping: CBMint offers free shipping to customers, which can be a cost-saving benefit compared to other providers.
5. Affiliate Program: CBMint has an affiliate program that customers can rely on, potentially providing additional benefits.



1. Limited Information on Website: The CBMint website may lack comprehensive information necessary for making informed buying decisions, potentially requiring additional research.
2. Uncertainty about IRA Services: There is some ambiguity regarding whether CBMint offers Individual Retirement Account (IRA) services, which may be a concern for investors seeking such options.
3. Limited Transparency on Negative Reviews: While positive reviews are highlighted on the website, CBMint may not openly share negative reviews, potentially limiting access to a complete range of customer feedback.
4. Unclear Total Cost Disclosure: The total cost of purchases may not be fully disclosed until customers commit to buying, which can make it challenging to assess the overall financial impact accurately.

It is essential for potential customers to conduct thorough research, consider their specific investment needs, and carefully evaluate the available information before making a decision.


The credibility of any entity is its lifeblood, and when it comes to investments, reputation is everything. At CB Mint, the credibility of the company is paramount. Their inventory consists of top-of-the-line precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, and palladium. These metals are sourced exclusively from the most reputable resources in the U.S., such as mints, refiners, and distributors.

They ensure that all bullion products sourced directly from mints and distributors undergo thorough scrutiny. This guarantees that no low-quality or counterfeit items find their way into their product stream. Investors can rely on CB Mint to maintain the highest standards of authenticity and quality.

Explore the extensive selection of precious metals on the user-friendly website (https://cbmint.com/shop/). The website is designed to provide customers with all the necessary information and offer a seamless buying experience. Rest assured that CB Mint employs the latest technological advances to safeguard every aspect of the transaction, from product details to secure payment processing.

Recognizing the importance of trust, CB Mint wants to assure customers that every word they read in this review is genuine and reliable. The company is committed to earning and preserving customers’ confidence in their services.

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