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At Precious Metals Review, I strive to equip investors and retirees with comprehensive knowledge of precious metal investing. My goal is to present valuable information on purchasing gold and silver through your IRA or 401k, as I believe it is a top-notch way to invest in this asset class, thanks to its tax-saving benefits. Whether you have an interest in gold coins, pure minted bars, EFTs, or stocks in gold mining companies, my website offers the necessary guidance to help you start on the right path.


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After the bank collapse in California, I was scared to keep most of my money in a savings account. After reading the reviews on this website and doing my due diligence, I got in touch the the right Gold IRA company. I feel much better to know my money is safe. Thanks, David!
Phil Wilson
I want to thank David at Precious Metals Review for taking the time to do the research and laying out the pros and cons. With the information I found here, I was able to diversify my portfolio.
Susan Cooper
With everything going on in the market today, nothing beats parking your money in a physical asset. Great info!
Mike & Shelly Feliciano

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